Alexandra Goryashko

Specialization: History of Science.


Education: Moscow State University, Department of Psychology (Animal Psychology). Graduated in 1989.


Member of the Russian Union of Writers ("Suyouz Literatorov"). Authored over 170 publications on the history of science, ecology, and nature preservation. Since 1980 research assistant and then Junior Research Fellow at the Kandalaksha Nature Reserve. From 2010 is responsible, together with Paul ("Uncle Pasha") Voytinsky, for the Kandalaksha Nature Reserve website



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A Wild Bird and a Cultured Man. The Common Eider and Homo Sapiens. Fourteen Centuries of Interaction”

Popular science book. Publication expected in 2019


Karelia and Kola Peninsula for foreign travelers


Cities, towns, point of interest or of no particular interest, places to stay. This is mostly an ENGLISH LANGUAGE project intended to help travellers who want to see "the real Russia". Based on author's own travels.

Assistance in accommodation search, driver and translator services, information searches, errands big or small.



Littoral Littorina. The Story of White and Barents Sea Biological Stations.





Choosing a Book  Biological Library for High School.




Kandalaksha Nature Reserve